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VOLUME 115 | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 392
A chiral triplet quasi-two-dimensional superconductor in a parallel magnetic field
We calculate the parallel upper critical magnetic field H_{\parallel}(0) for an in-plane isotropic quasi-two-dimensional (Q2D) chiral triplet superconductor at zero temperature, T=0. In particular, the ratio H_{\parallel}(0)/(|dH^{GL}_{\parallel}/dT|_{T=T_c}T_c) = 0.815 is defined, where |dH^{GL}_{\parallel}/dT|_{T=T_c} is the so-called Ginzburg-Landau slope of the upper critical magnetic field, Tc is a superconducting transition temperature at H=0. We show that the theoretically obtained above mentioned value strongly contradicts to the experimentally measured ones in a candidate for a chiral triplet superconductivity Sr2RuO4, which provides one more argument against the chiral triplet scenario of superconductivity in this compound. Our results may be useful for establishing chiral triplet superconductivity in other Q2D candidates for this phenomenon.