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VOLUME 76 | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 181
Dynamic structure factor in liquid cesium on the basis of time-scale invariance of relaxation processes
PACS: 61.12.-q, 61.20.-p, 67.40.Fd
The dynamic structure factor S(k,ω) in liquid cesium near the melting point at T=308 K is studied by means of Zwanzig-Mori's memory function formalism. The spectra of S(k,ω) are calculated on the basis of the idea of time-scale invariance of relaxation processes in liquid metals, which appeared on the fourth relaxation level. The obtained spectra of S(k,ω) are compared with the results of the inelastic neutron scattering measurement. For the description of memory effects we use the statistical presentation about the non-Markovity parameter \varepsilon_{1}(k,\omega). We find that collective excitations at the low wave vector values have a non-Markovian nature.