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VOLUME 81 (2005) | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 157
Effective conductivity of 2D isotropic two-phase systems in magnetic field
Using the linear fractional transformation, connecting effective conductivities \widehat \sigma_{e} of isotropic two-phase systems with and without magnetic field, explicit approximate expressions for \widehat\sigma_{e} in a magnetic field are obtained. They allow to describe \widehat \sigma_{e} of various inhomogeneous media at arbitrary phase concentration x and magnetic fields. The x-dependence plots of \widehat\sigma_{e} at some values of inhomogeneity and magnetic field are constructed. Their behaviour is qualitatively compatible with the existing experimental data. The obtained results are applicable to different two-phase systems (regular and nonregular as well as random), satisfying the symmetry and self-duality conditions, and admit a direct experimental checking.