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VOLUME 68 (1998) | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 78
Level statistics inside the core of a superconductive vortex
Microscopic theory of the type of Efetov's supermatrix sigma-model is constructed for the low-lying electron states in a mixed superconductive-normal system with disorder. This technique is used for the study of the localized states in the core of a vortex in a moderately clean superconductor with τ-1 ^ ωο ~ Δ2/Ερ . At low energies e <C C ijJth ~ (ωο/τ)1/2, the energy level statistics is described by the "zero-dimensional" limit of this supermatrix theory, and the result for the density of states is equivalent to that obtained within Altland-Zirnbauer random matrix model. Nonzero modes of the sigma-model increase the mean interlevel distance by the relative amount [21η(1/ωοτ)]_1.