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VOLUME 68 (1998) | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 657
Signature of relic heavy stable neutrinos in underground experiments
Considering heavy stable neutrinos of 4-th generation we calculate the relic density of such neutrinos in the Universe. Taking into account the condensation of heavy neutrinos in the Galaxy and applying the results of calculations to experimental data from underground experiments on search for WIMP's in elastic neutral current scattering on nuclei we found an exclusion region of neutrino mass 60 GeV < m < 290 GeV. The bounds obtained from present underground experiments while confirming the previous bounds derived from analysis of cosmic ray spectra are more reliable ones. We discuss also the first indication of elastic scattering induced by WIMP in DAMA experiment finding a very narrow window of neutrino mass 45 GeV < m < 50 GeV compatible with the possible signal rate in the detector.