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VOLUME 68 (1998) | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 893
Ground state instability in systems of strongly interacting fermions
We analyze stability of a fermion system with model repulsive pair interaction potential. The possibility for different types of restructuring of the Fermi ground state (at sufficiently great coupling constant) is related to the analytic properties of such potential. In particular, for the screened Coulomb law it is shown that the restructuring cannot be of the Fermi condensation type, known earlier for some exactly solvable models, and instead it belongs to the class of topological transitions (TT). For this model, a phase diagram has been built in the variables "screening parameter coupling constant" which displays two kinds of TT: a 5/2-kind similar to the known Lifshitz transitions in metals, and a 2-kind characteristic for a uniform strongly interacting system.