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VOLUME 65 | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 425
Self-localized carrier states in disordered ferroelectrics
Λ theory of self-localized states of free carriers near polarization fluctuations (fluctuons) in disordered ferroelectrics is developed. Calculations are carried out for the model disordered ferroelectric |_1 (χ << 0.05). The basic characteristics of the fluctuon the energy and radius of the fluctuon state — are calculated as functions of the impurity dipole concentration and temperature. The theory predicts the appearence of stable fluctuon states in both the mixed ferroelectric-dipole-glass phase (a dipole glass is the electric analog of a spin glass) and the dipole-glass state of disordered ferroelectrics. The possible role of fluctuons in kinetic phenomena such as conductivity in these substances is discussed. PACS: 71.38.-l-i. 77.80.-e