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VOLUME 83 (2006) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of English version in brackets
Поля, частицы, ядра
Kvasil J., Nazmitdinov R.G., Quantum phase transitions and backbending in even-even \boldsymbol{N\sim90} nuclei 227  (187)
Nikolaev N.N., Schäfer W., Zakharov B.G., Zoller V.R. , Glue in the pomeron from nonlinear \boldsymbol{k_\perp}-factorization 232  (192)
Нелинейная динамика
Nazarenko S., Differential approximation for Kelvin-wave turbulence 238  (198)
Agafontsev D.S., Dias F., Kuznetsov E.A., Bifurcations and stability of internal solitary waves 241  (201)
Плазма, газы
Ter-Avetisyan S., Nickles P.V., Ion acceleration at the front and rear surfaces of thin foils with high intensity 40 fs laser pulses 246  (206)
Конденсированные среды
Akhmerov A.R., Ioselevich A.S., Universal temperature dependence of the conductivity of a strongly disordered granular metal 251  (211)
Zimbovskaya N.A., Effect of the Fermi surface shape on the de Haas-van Alphen oscillations in layered conductors 257  (217)
Przenioslo R., Sosnowska I., Comment on the paper "Nature of Low-Temperature Phase Transitions in CaMn7O12" 261  (221)
Volkova O., Arango Yu., Tristan N., Kataev V., Goodilin E., Meier D., Lorenz T., Buecher B., Vasil'ev A., Reply to the comment "Nature of low-temperature..." 262  (222)