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VOLUME 52 (1990) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ketov S. V. , Kuzenko S. M., Solov'ev O. A. , Cancellation of anomalies for four-dimensional heterotic strings in a Lagrangian approach 67  (713)
Saakyan D. B., Entropy of the choice of vacuum during phase transitions 71  (717)
Almaev R. Kh., Suvorov A. A. , Probability distribution of intensity fluctuations of electromagnetic wave in region of strong fluctuations 73  (718)
Lyubin V. M. , Tikhomirov V. K. , Photoinduced gyrotropy and photoinduced light scattering in the chalcogenide glass As2S3 78  (722)
Kiselev A. O. , Ozhogin V. I. , Preobrazhenskii V. L. , Bistability of above-threshold oscillations of parametric magnetoelastic waves in hematite 82  (726)
Kolomeiskii E. B. , Diffusion in random potential: Renormalization-group analysis 87  (730)
Burlakov V. M. , Boldyrev N. Yu., Gaiduk I. , Kraiskaya K. V. , Mit'ko A. G. , Microscopic nature of electron-phonon coupling in high-Tc superconductors 91  (733)
Gorbatsevich A. A. , Kopaev Yu. V. , Tokatly I. V., Stratification and superconducting droplets in high-Tc superconductors 95  (736)
Baskov V. A., Ganenko V. B. , Gushchin V. A., Zhebrovskii Yu. V., Kim V. V. , Kolesnikov L Ya., Konorov I. V. , Luchkov B. I. , Maisheev V. A. , Rubashkin A. L. , Sergienko V. I. , Tugaenko V. Yu. , Khablo V. A. , Development of electromagnetic showers in oriented tungsten crystals 99  (740)
Lachinov A. N. , Zherebov A. Yu. , Kornilov V. M., Anomalous electron instability of polymers due to uniaxial pressure 103  (742)
Baranova N. B. , Gusev I. V. , Zel'dovich B. Ya. , Krivoschekov V. A., High transparency of nematic liquid crystal for σ-waves (experimental) 106  (745)
Goryunov Yu. V. , Khaliullin G. G., Garifullin I. A., Spin-wave resonance in a superconductor with paramagnetic impurities 109  (748)
Sadykov E. K., Skvortsov A. I., Mossbauer spectra of rf-modulated magnetic stochastic bistable systems 113  (752)
Govorkov S. V, Shumai I. L. , Rudolph W., Schroder T. , Initial stages of the melting of a GaAs surface by femtosecond laser pulses: Study by second-harmonic-generation method 117  (755)
Butov L. V. , Kulakovskii V. D., Forchel A., Grutzmacher D. , Renormalization of effective carrier masses in neutral quasi-2D electron-hole plasma in InGaAs/InP quantum wells 121  (759)
Bykov A. A. , Gusev G. M. , Kvon Z. D., Plyukhin V. G. , Chikichev S. I., Semiclassical ballistic microcontact in strong magnetic field 126  (763)
Belov A. A., Zhitomirskaya S. Ya., Lozovik Yu. E., Mandel'shtam V. A., Gas of anyons on a lattice in the low-density limit 130  (767)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.