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VOLUME 35 (1982) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Spektor M. D. , Stability of weak shock waves with a finite-width front 221  (181)
Babakhanyan E. A. , Vorob'ev S. A. , Kononets Yu. V., Popov D. E., Energy dependence of the electron angular distributions during planar channeling 225  (184)
Andreev S. P., Koshelkin A. V. , Bound states of an electron at a small-radius center in a magnetic field 229  (187)
Burkov S. E. , Lifshitz A. E., Stability of the traveling solitons of superlattices 233  (190)
Manakov S. V. , Pulse propagation in a long laser amplifier 237  (193)
Averkiev N. S., D'yakonov M. I. , Resonance structure in the magnetic-field dependence of the kinetic coefficients of a paramagnetic gas 241  (196)
Ovsyankin V.V., Fedorov A. A. , Nonlinear delocalization of excited states in disordered crystals 245  (199)
Borodin D. V. , Latyshev Yu. I. , Nad' F. Ya., Electron localization and superconductivity in narrow aluminum films 249  (201)
Zharkikh Yu. S., Lysochenko S.V., Lower limit on the mobility of charge carriers forming a two-dimensional gas 253  (204)
Gusev G. M. , Kvon Z. D. , Neizvestnyi I. G. , Ovsyuk V. N., Palkin A. M., Anomalous magnetoresistance in a two-dimensional hole gas 256  (206)
Vul B. M. , Zavaritskaya E. I. , Zavaritskii V. N., Effect of hydrogen and oxygen adsorption on the electrical conductivity of a cleaved germanium surface 259  (209)
Samokhvalov A. A. , Sukhorukov Yu. P., Effect of hot carriers on the Raman spectra of the magnetic semiconductors CdCr2Se4 and HgCr2Se4 264  (212)
Kochelaev B. I., Frolov V. F. , Possibility of observing an acoustic spin resonance of conduction electrons in a metal 267  (214)
Mokhov B. N., Detection of a magnetic viscosity in a spin glass through small-angle neutron scattering in a magnetic field 270  (216)
Idlis B. G., Kopaev Yu. V. , Possibility of anomalous fluctuations during structural phase transitions 273  (218)
Karmanov V. A. , Angular condition imposed on the state vector of a compound system for a light front 276  (220)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.