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VOLUME 29 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Savchenko M.A., Stefanovich A.V. , High-temperature superconducting phase in rare-earth metal compounds 607  (661)
     Kokorin V.V., Osipenko I.A., Ferromagnetic ordering in systems of magnetic moments of superparamagnetic particles 610  (665)
     Galeev A.A., Zelenyi L.M. , Effect of rare collisions on plasma diffusion in stochastic magnetic fields 614  (669)
     Markov G.A. , Mironov V.A., Sergeev A.M. , Self-channeling of plasma waves in a magnetic field 617  (672)
     Prokoshin A.F. , Molotilov B.V. , Gratsianov Yu.A., Zhelnov A.N., Magnetization anomalies of amorphous alloys in strong magnetic fields 621  (676)
     Al'tshuler S.A. , Duglav A.V. , Kasanov A.Kh., Bol'shakov I.G., Teplov M.A. , Nuclear acoustic resonance of Pr141 in a F3 Van Vleck paramagnet 624  (680)
     Stetsenko N.N. , Antipov S.D., Mostafa M.A., The possibility of spin reorientation in an iron lattice of Tb(Fe1-xRhx)2 quasibinary compounds 627  (684)
     Zaroslov D.Yu., Karlov N.V., Kaslin V.M. , Kovalev I.O. , Kuz'min G.P., Prokhorov A.M. , Generation in the 3.3-3.6μm region in condensed nitrogen 631  (688)
     Avarmaa R.A., Suisalu A.P. , Optical detection of a pseudonuclear Zeeman effect in a triplet state 635  (692)
     Basiev T.T., Voron'ko Yu.K. , Mirov S.B. , Prokhorov A.M. , Frequency selection of Nd3+ ions in glass excited by monochromatic laser radiation at the resonant transition 4F9/24F3/2 639  (696)
     Korobkin V.V., Motylev S.L., Spontaneous magnetic fields with dipole structure in a laser plasma 643  (700)
     Askar'yan G.A. , Batanov G.M. , Berezhetskaya N.K., Gritsinin S.I. , Kossyi I.A. , Raevskii I.M., Generation of high currents and potentials in the interaction of radiowaves with a rod. Direct conversion of electromagnetic energy to current energy 648  (706)
     Elesin V.F. , Erko A.I. , Larkin A.I., Observation of a dip in the spontaneous emission spectrum and a saturation of generation in single-mode semiconductor lasers 651  (709)
     Konchits A.A., Zaritskii I.M. , Shanina B.D., The optical charge exchange D0→ D- and the spin relaxation of photoelectrons in silicon 655  (713)
     Keldysh L.V. , Coulomb interaction in thin semiconductor and semimetal films 658  (716)
     Vaisenberg A.O. , Lepukhin Yu.B., Smirnitskir V.A., Shabelskit Yu.M., SheinkmanV.A, , Weak absorption of antiprotons during their production by protons with 10 GeV/c in Be, Al, Cu, and Au nuclei 661  (719)
     Dremin I.M. , Kanarek T.I. , Orlov A.M. , New properties of many-particle correlations in multiparticle production processes 665  (724)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.