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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Berkovits V. L., Ivantsov L. F., Kiselev V. A., Makarenko I. V., Minashvili T. A., Safarov V. I., Polarization spectra of optical transitions at a clean GaAs (110) surface 551  (453)
Anisimov S. I., Demidov B. A., Rudakov L. I., Sagdeev R. Z., Fortov V. E., Simulation of damage to the protective shields of the Vega space vehicles by means of intense relativistic electron beams 554  (455)
Volkov A. S., Lipko A. L., Meretliev Sh. M., Tsarenkov B. V., Spin-echo effect in a variable-gap semiconductor 557  (458)
Gapontsev V. P., Dzheparov F. S., Platonov N.S., Shestopal V. E., Kinetics of the delocalization of excitations in disordered systems 561  (460)
Bodnaruk O. A., Gorbatyuk I. N., Zolotarev S. V., Pustyl'nik O. D., Rarenko I. M., Tal'yanskiI E. B., Experimental observation of thermal oscillations of the resistance in MnxHg1-xTe 565  (464)
Vasil'ev A. N., Gaidukov Yu. P., Nikiforov V. N., Low-temperature anomaly of the velocity of ultrasound in Pb0.75Sn0.25Te(In) 568  (466)
Vainrub A. M., Heinmaa I. A., Alia M. A., Viya S. Kh., Lippmaa E. T., Knight shift and inhomogeneous distribution of the spin density in the quasi-one-dimensional disordered conductor Qn(TCNQ)2 571  (468)
Iordanskii S. V., Koshelev A. E., Dislocations and localization effects in multivalley conductors 574  (471)
Chkareuli Dzh. L., Horizontal unification of quarks and leptons: SU(3)_H\otimes U(1)_H 577  (473)
Kalashnikov O. K., Magnetic mass of the gluon in the presence of quarks 582  (477)
Krasnikov N. V., Restoration of the gauge invariance in γ5 anomalous theories through the introduction of local counterterms 586  (481)
Voronov B. L., Tyutin I. V., Higher-order derivatives in the interaction 589  (483)
Andreev I. V., Wilson loop in gluodynamics 592  (486)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.