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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Volkov A. A., Goncharov Yu. G., Kozlov G. V., Lebedev S. P., Prokhorov A. M., Aliev R. A., Ailakhverdiev K. R., Ferroelectric soft mode in the semiconductor crystal TIGaSe2 615  (517)
Bursian E. V., Girshberg Ya. G., Egorov V. A., Kalimullin R. Kh., Transition of a ferroelectric to a state with a magnetic moment in an external electromagnetic field 619  (520)
Danilov A. E., Mikhailov Yu. A., Nikolaev F. A., Sklizkov G. V., Sorokin V. V., Stukov O. I., Fedotov S. I., Frolov V. V., Chebotarev S. I., Shelobolin A. V., Relativistic electrons from the laser plasma in the DEL'FIN device 622  (522)
Babaev N. A., Bagaev V. S., Gaponov S. V., Kopylovskii B. D., Salashchenko N. N., Stopachinskii V. B., Size quantization in thin cadmium telluride films 624  (524)
Karasyuk V. A., Pokrovskii Ya. E., Fine structure of the energy levels of an exciton bound on a boron atom in silicon 640  (527)
Gubarev S. I., Shepel' B. N., Exciton emission and emission by exciton-impurity complexes in CdxMnxSe crystals 628  (528)
Chechin A. I., Andronova N. V., Zelepukhin M. V., Artem'ev A. N., Stepanov E. P., Coherent excitation of Mossbauer nuclei by synchrotron radiation 633  (531)
Arsenin V. V., MHD stability of a low-pressure plasma in an axisymmetric open system with an alternating-sign curvature 637  (534)
Perel' V. I., Polyakov D. G., Exact solution of the problem of transmission of an electron through a one-dimensional chain of randomly positioned centers 644  (539)
Kivshar' Yu. S., Kosevich A. M., Evolution of a soliton under the action of small perturbations 648  (542)
Antonova R. A., Zhvaniya B. P., Lominadze Dzh. G., Nanobashvili Dzh. I., Petviashvili V. I., Drift solitons in a shallow rotating fluid 651  (545)
Safonov V. P., Chernobrod B. M., Resonant-absorption-enhanced Raman effect in gases 656  (548)
Saakyan D. B., Nonplanar contours and string tension in lattice gauge theories 658  (550)
Gornov M. G., Gurov Yu. B., Koptev V. P., Kruglov S. P., Lukin A. S., Makarov M. M., Morokhov P. V., Oganesyan K. O., Osipenko B. P., Pechkurov V. A., Pichugin A. P., Savel'ev V. I., Sergeev F. M., Khomutov A. A., Shafigullin R. R., Charged-particle emission upon the absorption of π- mesons in silicon 661  (552)
Ostapenko Yu. B., Smirenkin G. N., Soldatov A. S., Tsipenyuk Yu. M., Search for an isomer shelf in 232Th photofission 666  (556)
Krasnikov N. V., Matveev V. A., Possible resolution of the Λ-term problem in an N = 1 supergravity 669  (559)
Mostovoi Yu. A., Erratum: Determination of G-A/GV from the set of three angular-correlation coefficients observed in the decay of the free neutron [JETP Lett. 37, No. 3,196-197 (5 February 1983)] 672  (564)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.