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VOLUME 22 | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Atsarkin V. A. , Morshnev S. K., Slowing down of nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in molecular crystals exposed to light 121  (261)
     Chernov A. A. , Sipyagin V. V., Fedin E. I., Blyumenfel'd A. L., Azimuthal anisotropy of thin films of a solution on the face of a single crystal 122  (263)
     Kolenishchev-Kutuzov V. A. , Solovarov N. K. , Tarasov V. F., Acoustic excitation of nuclear spin echo 123  (266)
     Mikhailovskii I. M. , Dranova Zh. I. , Determination of the amplitude of surface-atom oscillations by field ion microscopy 125  (271)
     Shender E. F. , Impurities in singlet magnets 127  (275)
     Gamtsemlidze G. A. , Dzhaparidze Sh. A., Tsaava D. I., Thermomechanical effect in liquid helium I 129  (278)
     Druzhinin V. V., Krinchik G. S., Pavlovskii A. I., Tatsenko O. M., Magnetization of the paramagnet Gd(PO3)3 by light in an external field 1.6 MOe 130  (282)
     Asadullin Ya. Ya. , Berezov V. M. , Korepanov V. D., Romanov V. S. , Anomalous relaxation of stimulated echo in piezoelectric crystals 132  (285)
     Baklanov E. V. , Beterov I. M. , Dubetskii B. Ya. , Chebotaev V. P. , Nonlinear effects in resonant SRS line in a gas in the field of a standing wave 134  (289)
     Zhitnikov R. A. , Kartoshkin V. A. , Klement'ev G. V., Usacheva L. V. , Metastability exchange in a mixture of helium isotopes at liquid nitrogen temperature 136  (293)
     Nikitin S. A. , Kim D. , Zvezdin A. K. , Popkov A. F., Anomaly of thermal expansion near the magnetic compensation temperature in rare earth ferrimagnets 137  (297)
     Tsakadze Dzh. S. , Tsakadze S. Dzh., "Spontaneous" acceleration of freely rotating helium II and related phenomena in pulsars 139  (301)
     Belov K. P. , Koroleva L. I., Batorova S. D., Kalinnikov V. T., Aminov T. G., Shabunina G. Yu. , Electric and magnetic properties of CdCr2Se4 single crystals doped with indium 140  (304)
     Gervids V. I. , Kogan V. I. , Penetration and screening effects in electron bremsstrahlung on ions 142  (308)
     Danileiko M. V. , Kozubovskii V. R., Nedavnii A. P., Shpak M. T. , Precision measurements of the infrared Zeeman spectrum of methane with a ring laser 145  (313)
     Bogolyubov P. N. , Krasnikov N. V. , Kuz'min V. A., Matveev V. A., Chetyrkin K.G. , New quarks and baryon spectroscopy 146  (316)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.