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VOLUME 27 | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Fedorov Yu.M., Leksikov A.A., Photoinduced linear birefringence in iron borate 365  (389)
     Luk'yanchikova N.B., Sheinkman M.K., Lityuchii A.P., Photo-ferroelectric noise effect. Observation and investigation 368  (392)
     Volkov B.A., Kurcherenko I.V., Moiseenko V.N., Shotov A.P., Structural phase transition in the Pb1-xSnxSe system under the influence of temperature and hydrostatic pressure 371  (396)
     Gritsenko V.A., Mogil'nikov K.P., Rzhanov A.V., Anomalous scattering of photoinjected electrons in an amorphous film 375  (400)
     Ol'shanetskii B.Z., Repinskii S.M., Shklyaev A.A., Possibility of investigating surface self-diffusion of silicon by the slow-electron diffraction method 378  (403)
     Poltoratskii B.F., Correlation method of measuring the parameters of coherent-radiation beams 380  (406)
     Dukhovskoi A., Karapetyan S.S., Morozov Yu.G., Onishchenko A.S., Petinov V.I., Ponomarev A.N., Silin A.A., Stepanov B.M., Tal'roze V.L., Superconductivity of tribolayers formed on germanium by friction between germanium and lead 384  (409)
     Plekhanov V.G., O'Connel-Bronin A.A., Resonant Raman scattering in the wide-gap dielectrics LiH and LiD 387  (413)
     Kopnin N.B., Frequency singularities of the dissipation in the mixed state of pure type-II superconductors at low temperatures 390  (417)
     Gordeev V.A., Kruglov S.P., Kudinov V.I., Kuz'min L.A., Mikirtych'yants S.M., Minaichev E.V., Obukhov Yu.V., Savel'ev G.I., Firsov V.G., Shcherbakov G.V., Positive-muon depolarization processes in silicon single crystals 394  (420)
     Broude V.I., Maksimov A.A., Tartakovskii I.I., Resonant Raman scattering of light in anthracene crystals 397  (424)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.