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VOLUME 28 | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Savchenko M.A., Stefanovich A.V., Singularities of magnetic phase transitions in heavy rare-earth metals 311  (337)
     Beresnev L.M., Blinov L.M., Sokolova E.B., Kinetics of spontaneous polarization in a ferroelectric liquid crystal 314  (340)
     Pogutse O.P., Yurchenko E.I., Destabilizing effect of shear and maximum pressure of plasma in a tokamak 318  (344)
     Afanas'ev A.M., Kov'ev E.K., Fokin A.S., Diffraction of x rays and electrophysical properties of crystals 321  (348)
     Kharchenko N.F., Eremenko V.V., Belyi L.I., Lowering of the optical class of an antiferromagnetic crystal, induced by a longitudinal magnetic field 324  (351)
     Neganov B.S., Trofimov V.N., Possibility of producing a bulky supersensitive thermal detector at a temperature close to absolute zero 328  (356)
     Gonchar V.V., Kanash O.V., Naumovets A.G., Fedorus A.G., Two-dimensional lattices of adsorbed hydrogen on the (011) face of tungsten and their disordering 330  (358)
     Fomin I .A., Spin waves in pulsed-NMR experiments in the B phase of He3 334  (362)
     Voitsenya V.S., Voloshko A.Yu., Solodovchenko S.I.,. Shpan' A.F, Stabilization of plasma drift instability in a stellarator by an alternating electric field near the frequency of the lower hybrid resonance 337  (365)
     Yakovlev E.N., Stepanov G.N., Timofeev Yu.A., Vinogradov B.V., Superconductivity of sulfur at high pressures 340  (369)
     Gorenshtein M.I., Zinov'ev G.M., Sinyukov Yu.M., New approach to the hydrodynamic theory of multiple production of hadrons 343  (371)
     Gangnus Yu.S., Prozorkevich A.V., Smolyanskii S.A., Behavior of transport coefficients at relativistic temperatures 347  (376)
     Zatsepin G.T., Smirnov A. Yu., Is radiative decay of neutral leptons the mechanism for stripping of supernova envelopes? 350  (379)
     Gavrilov V.N., Zolotoyabko E.V., Iolin E.M., Diffraction of Mossbauer radiation by single-crystal BaTiO3 in the vicinity of the Curie point 352  (381)
     Kaigorodov V.N., Klotsman S.M., Nuclear gamma resonance on Fe57 nuclei on copper grain boundaries 356  (386)
     Evdokimova V.V., Kuzemskaya I.G., Superconductivity of sulfur at high pressure 360  (390)
     Blagoveshchenskii N.M., Dokukin E.B., Lifetime of roton in liquid helium 363  (393)
     Grebinchik V.G., Gurevich I.I., Zhukov V.A., Lazarev A.B., Levina L.A., Maiorov V.N., Mynych A.P., Mel'nikov E.V., Nikol'skii B.A., Roganov V.S., Selivanov V.I., Suetin V.A., Investigation of the superconducting state of V3 Ga by the μ+ method 367  (397)
     Obukhov Yu.V., Chirkova E.G., Photoconductivity of semiconducting solid solutions Bi1-xSbx 371  (401)
     Loseva M.V., Ostrovskii B.I., Rabinovich A.Z., Sonin A.S., Strukov B.A., Chernova N.I., Ferroelectricity in ester-group liquid crystal 374  (404)
     Burma N.G., Fil' V.D., Bezuglyi P.A., Sound transport by electrons under conditions of resonant interaction 378  (409)
     Samokhvalov A.A., Osipov V.V., Kalinnikov V.T., Aminov T.G., Spin wave excitation by carriers in the magnetic semiconductors EuO and CdCr2Se4 382  (413)
     Alekseev A.S., Galkina T.I., "Flareup" of radiation of electron-hole drops under the influence of ultrasound 385  (417)
     Aptekar' I.L., Galashin A.E., Phase equilibriums in the photocondensation of anthracene 389  (421)
     Otobraev O.K., Ochkin V.N., Savinov S.Yu., Sobolev N.N.,Tskhai S.N., Transfer of appreciable angular momenta in electron excitation of molecules 392  (424)
     Broneva I.L., Sharvin Yu.V., Erratum: Resistance of bismuth microcontacts at low temperatues [JETP Lett. 28,117-120 (5 August)] 397  ()

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.