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VOLUME 23 | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Slyusarev V.A., Yankelevich R.P., Microscopic theory of the stationary state of a parametrically-excited magnon system 381  (421)
     Morozov A.I., Magnetocaloric effect in an alternating field 385  (425)
     Fil' V.D., .Burma N.G, Bezuglyi P.A., Transport of acoustic field by conduction electrons in gallium 387  (428)
     Bogachek E.N., Rozhavskii A.S., Shekhter R.I., Electronic mechanism of transport of sound pulses in a magnetic field 391  (432)
     Mikhailovskii A.B., Short-wave dissipative instability on trapped electrons 394  (436)
     Korshak B.A., Lyamov V.E., Solodov I.Yu., Acoustoelectric "aftereffect" in the interaction of surface acoustic waves within a piezoelectric-semiconductor layered structure 397  (438)
     Krupskii I.N., Stetsenko Yu.E., Shcherbakov G.N., Determination of the structure of the high-temperature phase of solid H2 400  (442)
     Abdumalikov A.A., Klochikhin A.A., Shabel'skii Yu.M., Size-effect resonance in Raman scattering of light 402  (444)
     Blazhkin V.D., Peierls transition in a strong light field 406  (449)
     Chmyrev V.M., Roldugin V.K., Zhulin I.A., Mogilevskii M.M., Di V.I., Koshelevskii V.K., Bushmarin V.A., Raspopov O.M., Artificial injection of very low frequency (VLF) waves into the ionosphere and the magnetosphere of the earth 409  (452)
     Alekseevskii N.E., Glinski M., Dobrovol'skii N.M., Tsebro V.I., Critical currents of certain superconducting molybdenum sulfides 412  (455)
     Yanson I.K., Balkashin O.P., Krasnogorov A.Yu., Nonequilibrium occupation of quasiparticle states in a superconductor by laser radiation 414  (458)
     Bashilov Yu.A., Pokrovskii S.V., Taylor instability of the thin cylindrical shell 418  (462)
     Khrapak A.G., Yakubov I.T., Positron clusters in dense gases 422  (466)
     Afanas'ev Yu.V., Volosevich P.P., Gamalii E.G., Krokhin O.N., Kurdyumov S.P., Levanov E.I., Rozanov V.B., Laser compression of glass shells 425  (470)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.