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VOLUME 23 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Saermark K., Lebech J., New type of cyclotron waves in metals 555  (605)
     Silin V.P., Starodub A.N., Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering (SMBS) in an inhomogeneous plasma 559  (609)
     Antipov S.V, Nezlin M.V., Snezhkin E.N., Trubnikov A.S., Quasi-soliton Langmuir oscillations localized in density "wells" of a magnetized plasma 562  (613)
     Afanas'ev Yu.F., Basov N.G., Gamalii E.G., Krokhin O.N., Rozanov V.B., Symmetry and stability of laser-driven compression thermonuclear targets 566  (617)
     Afanas'ev M.M., Kompan M.E., Merkulov I.A., Increase of Curie temperature of magnetic semiconductors by illumination 570  (621)
     Laikhtman B.D., Lomakin A.V., Spreading of phonon beam in superfluid helium 572  (624)
     Ivanov L.P., Logginov A.S., Radnoshkin V.V., Telesnin R.V., Dynamics of domain structures in iron-garnet films 575  (627)
     Kopnin N.B., Kravtsov V.E., Conductivity and Hall effect of pure type-II superconductors at low temperatures 578  (631)
     Altukhov P.O., Pikus G.E., Rogachev A.A., Circular polarization of recombination radiation of silicon in a magnetic field at a high excitation level 582  (635)
     Bagraev N.T., Vlasenko L.S., Zhitnikov R.A., Optical orientation of Si29 nuclei in compensated silicon 586  (639)
     Vvedenskii V.L., Peshkov V.P., Measurement of mass diffusion in nonsuperfluid He3-He4 solutions 589  (643)
     Volovik G.E., Mineev V.P., Vortices with free ends in superfluid He3-A 593  (647)
     Gavrikov V.E., Dronov A.P., Orlov V.K., Piskunov A.K., Carbon disulfide gasdynamic laser 595  (649)
     Drozdov N.A., Patrin A.A., Tkachev V.D., Recombination radiation on dislocations in silicon 597  (651)
     Pokrovskii V.L., Khalatnikov I.M., Hamiltonian formalism in classical and two-fluid hydrodynamics 599  (653)
     Vainshtein A.I., Zakharov V.I., Shifman M.A., Right-hand currents and the Δ T = 1/2 rule in nonleptonic decays of strange particles 602  (656)
     Ivanov E.A., Ogievetskii V.I., Gauge theories as spontaneous breaking theories 606  (661)
     Zaitsev A.M., Kartvelishvili V.G., Likhoded A.K., Pron'ko G.P., Production of new particles in hadron-hadron collisions 609  (664)
     Zaretskii D.F., Lomonosov V.V., Cerenkov production pions in collisions of relativistic nucleons with nuclei 612  (668)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.