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VOLUME 101 (2015) | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 750
\boldsymbol{\pi^{\pm}}- and \boldsymbol{\rho^{0,\pm}}-mesons in a strong magnetic field on the lattice
We calculated the correlators of pseudoscalar and vector currents in external strong abelian magnetic field in SU(3) gluodynamics. From the correlation functions we obtain the ground state energies (masses) of neutral ρ0-meson and charged \pi^{\pm}- and \rho^{\pm}-mesons. The energy of the ρ0-meson with zero spin projection on the axis of the field decreases, while the energies with non-zero spins increase with the field value. The mass of charged \pi^{\pm}-mesons increases with the field. We observe the agreement between Landau level picture and behaviour of charged \rho^{\pm}-mesons for moderate magnetic fields. There are no evidences in favour of charged vector meson condensation or tachyonic mode existence at large magnetic fields. The g-factor of \rho^{\pm} is estimated in the chiral limit.