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VOLUME 102 | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 316
Magnetically dependent optical bistability and multistability in an open diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers
In this paper we investigate the optical bistability (OB) and optical multistability (OM) behaviors in a unidirectional ring cavity filled with diamond nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers driven by an elliptically polarized probe field in the presence of magnetic field and compare its properties with the corresponding closed system. Our numerical result reveal that threshold of optical bistability and the width of hysteresis loop can be manipulated by adjusting the phase difference between the two circularly polarized components of a single coherent field and cavity parameters, i.e. the electronic exit rate from cavity and electron injection rates. Also it is shown that OB and OM are very sensitive to the relative phase between applied fields and magnetic field. It can be realized that by tuning the parameters the transition from bistability to multistability or vice versa can be obtained.