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VOLUME 102 | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 911
Anharmonic Bloch oscillation of electrons in biased superlattices
The oscillatory motion of electrons in a periodic potential under a constant applied electric field, known as Bloch Oscillations (BO), is one of the most striking and intriguing quantum effects and was predicted more than eighty years ago. Oscillating electrons emit electromagnetic radiation and here we consider this BO effect for emission in the THz region. To date, it has been assumed that the Bloch oscillation of an electron is an harmonic oscillation, therefore with radiation emitted at the single Bloch frequency. We analyze scenarios when Bloch oscillations can be accompanied by the emission of radiation not only at the Bloch frequency but also with double and triple Bloch frequencies. The first scenario means that electrons could jump over neighboring Stark states. The second scenario of anharmonic emission is coupled to an opening of the minigap in the miniband.