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VOLUME 103 (2016) | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 662
Theoretical treatment of pulsed Overhauser DNP: consideration of a general periodic pulse sequence
A general theoretical approach to pulsed Overhauser-type Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) is presented. DNP is a powerful method to create non-thermal polarization of nuclear spins, thereby enhancing their nuclear magnetic resonance signals. The theory presented can treat pulsed microwave irradiation of electron paramagnetic resonance transitions for periodic pulse sequences of general composition. DNP enhancement is analyzed in detail as a function of the microwave pulse length for rectangular pulses and pulses with finite rise time. Characteristic oscillations of the DNP enhancement are found when the pulse-length is stepwise increased, originating from coherent motion of the electron spins driven by the pulses. Experimental low-field DNP data are in very good agreement with this theoretical approach.