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VOLUME 114 (2021) | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 351
Search for exotic states in 13C
New experimental data on inelastic scattering of α-particles on 13C at E(α) = 65 MeV and 90 MeV with excitation of the 1/2-3 state are present. Data is analyzed using Modified diffraction model (MDM). Obtained rms radius of this state within errors coincides with the radius of the 1/2-2 8.86 MeV state in 13C and the Hoyle state in 12C. This result is an argument for close structure of these states. Unusual result regarding compact state 3/2- 9.90 MeV in 13C was tested via consideration of its isobar-analog state (IAS) in 13N - 3/2- 9.48 MeV state. We found that these states have normal non-increased radius.