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VOLUME 118 (2023) | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 3
Jet quenching in mini-quark-gluon plasma: Medium modification factor IpA for photon-tagged jets
We calculate the medium modification factor IpA for the photon-tagged jet fragmentation functions for scenario with the quark-gluon plasma formation in pA and pp collisions. We perform calculations of radiative and collisional parton energy loss in the quark-gluon plasma with running αs which has a plateau around Q\sim \kappa T with κ fitted to the LHC data on the heavy ion RAA. We find that the theoretical predictions for IpA in 5.02 TeV p + Pb collisions are within errors consistent with the data from ALICE [ALICE_IpA]. However, a definite conclusion about the presence or absence of jet quenching in pA collisions cannot be drawn due to large experimental errors of the ALICE data [ALICE_IpA]. Our calculations show that this requires a significantly more accurate measurement of IpA.