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VOLUME 81 (2005) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 419
The current phase relation in Josephson tunnel junctions
The J(\varphi) relation in SFIFS, SNINS and SIS tunnel junctions is studied. The method for analytical solution of linearized Usadel equations has been developed and applied to these structures. It is shown that the Josephson current across the structure has the sum of \sin \varphi and 
\sin 2\varphi components. Two different physical mechanisms are responsible for the sign of \sin 2\varphi . The first one is the depairing by current which contributes positively to the \sin
2\varphi term, while the second one is the finite transparency of SF or SN interfaces which provides the negative contribution. In SFIFS junctions, where the first harmonic vanishes at "0" - "π " transition, the calculated second harmonic fully determines the J(\varphi) curve.