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VOLUME 70 (1999) | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 675
Dynamical correlations of two-dimensional vortex-like defects
We examine high-order dynamical correlations of defects (quantum vortices, disclina-tions etc) in thin films starting from the Langevin equation for the defect motion. We demonstrate that dynamical correlation functions F2n of vorticity or disclinicity behave as i<2n ~ y2/r4n where r is the characteristic scale and у is the renormalized fugacity. Therefore below the Berezinskii Kosterlitz Thouless transition temperature i*2n are characterized by anomalous scaling exponents. The behavior strongly differs from the normal law F2n ~ ^2 occurring for simultaneous correlation functions, the non-simultaneous correlation functions appear to be much larger. The phenomenon resembles intermittency in turbulence.