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VOLUME 69 | ISSUE 12 | PAGE 839
Chern-Simons correlations on (2+1)D lattice
PACS: 11.15.Kc, 47.20.Ky, 47.27.Ak, 52.35.Ra
We have computed the contribution of zero modes to the value of the number of particles in the model of discrete (2 + l)-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation. It is shown for the first time that in the region of small values of the CS coefficient к there exists a universal attraction between field configurations. For к — 2 this phenomenon may be a dynamic origin of the semion pairing in high temperature superconducting state of planar systems. The preliminary results of this paper were presented in the proceedings of the XI Intern. Conf. "Problems of Quantum Field Theory" (Dubna, 13-17 July 1998).