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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Infel'd E. , Self-focusing of waves on the surface of deep water 87  (97)
Zakharov L. E., Helical instability of plasma with finite conductivity 90  (100)
Golovko V. A., Levanyuk A. I. , Light scattering in an incommensurate phase 93  (104)
Klevanik A.V. , Kryukov P. G. , Matveets Yu. A., Semchishen V.A., Shuvalov V. A., Measurement of electron and energy transfer rates in physical stages of photosynthesis with subpicosecond time resolution 97  (107)
Voloshin V. A., Ivchenko L. A., Pressure-induced phase transition in lanthanum ethylsulfate with praseodymium impurity 100  (111)
Askar'yan G. A., Raevskii I. M. , Excitation of high-frequency oscillations by a laser pulse 104  (115)
Brodin M. S. , Blonskii I. V., Tishchenko V. V., Phase diagram of nonequilibrlum-carrier gas and electron-hole liquid in the straight-band semiconductor PbI2 108  (119)
Shelankov A. F. , Resistance of N-S interface at low temperatures 111  (122)
Tikhodeev S. F. , The effect of the phonon wind on the formation of electron-hole droplets in a semiconductor 114  (126)
Ivanov Yu. B. , The contribution of surface fluctuations to the free energy of liquid 3He 117  (129)
Aitikeeva T. D., Geiman K. I., Levedev A. I. , Matveenko A. V., Yunovich A. E., The effect of indium impurities on the photoluminescence of Pb1-xSnxTe at high excitation levels 120  (132)
Akimov A. V. , Kaplyanskii A. A., Syrkin A. L. , Observation of resonant relaxation of acoustic phonons by vibronic anti-Stokes luminescence in doped crystals 124  (136)
Akimov B. A. , Brandt N. B., Stafeev V. I. , Nikiforov V. N., Yatsenko O. B. , Avalanche-like processes induced in Pb1-xSnxTe(In) alloys by strong electric fields 127  (139)
Grib A. A. , Mamaev S. G. , Mostepanenko V. M., Superfluidity of the vacuum near an anisotropic singularity: a new phase transition 130  (143)
Demikhovskii V. Ya., Maksimova G. M., On the possibility of exciting zero sound in He3 at speeds below the Fermi speed 133  (146)
Zhitnyuk V. S., Melkov G. A., Parametric excitation of spin waves under switching of the pump frequency 137  (149)
Nikitenko V. I. , Dedukh L M. , Gornakov V. S., Kabanov Yu. P., Mass and mobility of a Bloch line at a domain boundary 140  (152)
Zasavitskii I.I., Matsonashvili B. N., Shotov A. P., Detection of impurity states in the photoluminescence spectra of Pb1-xSnxTe(x 0.2) solid solutions 144  (156)
Levin G. A., Folin K. G. , Photo-induced kinetic effects in a gas 148  (160)
Bresler M. S., Gusev O. B., Threshold singularity in the distribution of the conduction electrons of n-InSb under resonant scattering by ionized impurities in a quantizing magnetic field 153  (166)
Zolot'ko A. S. , Kitaeva V. F., Kroo N. , Sobolev N. N., Chillag L. , The effect of an optical field on the nematic phase of the liquid crystal OCBP 158  (170)
Drabovich K. N. , Kovrigin A. I. , Pershin S. M. , Sinyavskii N. M., Surovegin A. L., Six-and eight-photon resonance processes in sodium vapor 162  (175)
Shul'ga N. F. , Coherence and magnetic-bremsstrahlung effects in radiation by relatlvistic particles moving in a crystal near a crystallographic axis 166  (179)
Belavin A. A. , Hidden symmetry of integrable systems 169  (182)
Mikhailov A. V., Reduction in integrable systems. The reduction group 174  (187)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.