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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vorob'ev S. A., Kalinin B. N., Pak S., Potylitsyn A. P., Detection of monochromatic x-ray emission in the interaction of ultrarelativistic electrons with a diamond single crystal 1  (3)
Zasavitskii I. I., Kosichkin Yu. V., Nadezhdinskii A. I., Stepanov E. V., Shotov A. P., Interference of fine-structure components in the IR absorption spectra of polyatomic molecules 5  (6)
Varnavskii O. P., Golovlev V. V., Kirkin A. N., Mozharovskii A. M., Change in the shape of a weak, ultrashort light pulse passing through a medium with a population inversion and a slow phase relaxation 8  (9)
Zakharov A. A., Tsetlin M. B., Observation of phonon structural features of a tunnel type in the characteristics of superconductor-(normal metal) point contacts with an excess current 11  (11)
Skovoroda A. A., Antisymmetric tandem mirror 14  (13)
Volkov A. A., Goncharov Yu. G., Kozlov G. V., Kryukova E. B., Petzelt J., Observation of a soft optical phonon in Rochelle salt 17  (16)
Vedyaev A. V., Nikolaev M. Yu., Concentration phase transition in the Hubbard model 20  (18)
Pokazan'ev V. G., Yalyshev Yu. I., Lukash K. I., Murashev G. R., Magnetic resonance of vertical Bloch lines in garnet ferrite films 24  (21)
Stepankin V. N., Protasov E. A., Kuznetsov A. V., Zaitsev-Zotov S. V., Josephson and single-particle tunneling in superconducting bicrystals BaPb1-xBix O3 27  (23)
Antipov S. V., Nezlin M. V., Trubnikov A. S., Rossby autosoliton 30  (25)
Bogomolov V. N., Kolla E. V., Kumzerov Yu. A., First-order phase transition in an approximately one-dimensional system 34  (28)
Lutsishin P. P., Panchenko O. A., Sologub S. V., Migration and phase transitions in adsorbed hydrogen films at low temperatures 37  (31)
Myagkov A. V., Minakov A. A., Veselago V. G., Breakdown in accommodation of the dynamic magnetic susceptibility of ZnxCd1-xCr2Se4 spin glasses with x 0.4 40  (33)
Nguyen V. L., Spivak B. Z., Shklovskii B. I., Aaronov-Bohm oscillations with normal and superconducting flux quanta in hopping conductivity 42  (35)
Demokritov S. O., Kreines N. M., Kudinov V. I., Observation of a new light-scattering mechanism in an antiferromagnet 46  (38)
Ginodman V. B., Gudenko A. V., Zherikhina L. N., Superconducting properties of β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 crystals 49  (41)
Sapershtein E. E., Shmatikov M. Kh., Does a pion mechanism determine the difference between the structure functions of the nucleus and the nucleon? 53  (44)
Dal'karov O. D., Karmanov V. A., The ratio of the real part to the imaginary part of the elementary amplitude for the scattering of hadrons by nuclei 58  (47)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.