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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Isichenko M. B., Chukbar K. V., Yan'kov V. V., Theory of the fast evolution of the magnetic field in a two-component electron plasma 101  (85)
Baisa D. F., Kolendritskii D. D., Mal'tsev S. V., Optical anomalies in proustite resulting from a first-order structural phase transition 104  (87)
Zvezdin A. K., Popkov A. F., Dynamics of an isolated Bloch line 107  (90)
Kaplan M. D., Noncollinearity of the magnetic structure of Jahn-Teller antiferroelastic materials of the KDy(MoO4)2 type 111  (92)
Plakida N. M., Theory of the superionic phase transition in CsHSO4 114  (95)
Velikovich A. L., Liberman M. A., Shmal'ts R. F., Two-dimensional self-similar plasma streams with an azimuthal magnetic field 116  (97)
Vas'ko F. T., Gasan-zade S. G., Romaka V. A., Shepel'skii G. A., Conductivity inversion and anomalously high hole mobility in a gapless semiconductor resulting from a uniaxial strain 120  (100)
Nikitenko V. I., Farber B. Ya., Iunin Yu. L., Possibility of experimentally studying the formation kinetics and mobility of kinks on a dislocation line 124  (103)
Pokrovskii V. L., Uimin G. V., Dynamics of vortex pairs in a two-dimensional magnetic material 128  (105)
Raikher Yu. L., Pshenichnikov A. F., Dynamic susceptibility of concentrated magnetic liquids 132  (109)
Aivazov I. K., Aranchuk L. E., Bogolyubskii S. L., Volkov G. S., Ring-shaped formations in the corona of an electrically exploded wire 135  (111)
Ponyatovskii , Rashchupkin V. I., Sinitsyn V. V., Baranov A. I., Schuvalov L. A., Shchagina N. M., P-T phase diagram of a proton superionic conductor CsHSO4 139  (114)
Ivlev B. I., Mel'nikov V. I., Dramatic stimulation of tunneling by an rf field 142  (116)
Kalugin P. A., Kitaev A. Yu., Levitov L. S., Al0.86Mn0.14: a six-dimensional crystal 145  (119)
Kalashnikov O. K., Self-consistent equation for the magnetic mass of a gluon 149  (122)
Zakharov V. E., Kuznetsov E. A., Musher S. L., Semiclassical regime of a three-dimensional wave collapse 154  (125)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.