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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ezerskii A. B., Korotin P. I., Rabinovich M. I., Random self-modulation of two-dimensional structures on a liquid surface during parametric excitation 157  (129)
Evseev I. V., Ermachenko V. M., Reshetov V. A., Polarization properties of the modified stimulated photon echo in ytterbium vapor 161  (132)
Lutskii V. N., Rylik A. S., Savchenko A. K., Effect of electron-electron interaction on tunneling conductivity of bismuth films 163  (134)
Laz'ko V. S., Ryabov V. A., Rotational spectrum of a gaskinetic magnetic resonance in oxygen 167  (137)
Lyudin A. F., Kirillov-Ugryumov V. G., Kotov Yu. D., Smirnov Yu. V., Yurov V. N., Mid-latitude precipitation of energetic protons due to a pulsed disturbance of the magnetosphere 171  (140)
Bondarev V. V., Gasparov V. A., Observation of multichannel specular reflection of electrons from a tungsten surface 175  (143)
Merzhanov V. A., Kostyuchenko E. E., Laukhin V. N., Lobkovskaya R. M., Makova M. K., Shibaeva R. P., Shchegolev I. F., Yagubskii E. B., An increase in the superconducting-transition temperature of β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 to 6-7 K at a normal pressure 179  (146)
Assman V. A., Bunkin F. V., Vernik A. V., Lyakhov G. A., Shipilov K. F., Observation of a thermal self-effect of a sound beam in a liquid 182  (148)
Goncharov A. F., Makarenko I. N., Stishov S. M., Raman scattering from a diamond at pressures up to 72 GPa 184  (150)
Fridkin V. M., Lazarev V. G., Shlenskii A. L., Effect of a magnetic field on the circular photovoltaic current in germanosillenite single crystals 188  (153)
Basov N. G., Aleksandrov A. Yu., Danilychev V. A., Dolgikh V. A., Kerimov O. M., Myznikov Yu. F., I. G. Rudoi I. G., Soroka A. M., Intense quasi-cw lasing in the visible region in a high-pressure mixture of inert gases 191  (156)
Migdal A. B., Khokhlachev S. B., The structure of a gluon string 194  (159)
Musakhanov M. M., Pion-baryon interactions in a soliton chiral bag model 198  (162)
Semikhatov A. M., Twistors and instantons in higher dimensionalities 201  (165)
Fradkin E. S., Tseitlin A. A., Fields as excitations of quantized coordinates 206  (169)
Kallosh R. E., N = 3 harmonic superspace 209  (172)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.