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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Margulis A. D., Margulis Vl. A., Spin relaxation of an electron system in which the spectrum degeneracy is lifted 213  (177)
Furman A. S., Photoelectric domains in para- and ferroelectrics 216  (180)
Dontsova L. I., Tikhomirova N. A., Discrete nature of the activation fields for the polarization reversal of ferroelectric crystals 220  (183)
Kazanskii S. A., Two-level systems in nonstoichiometric f luorite phases 224  (185)
Levitov L. S., Nazarov Yu. V., Eliashberg G. M., Electron spin susceptibility of superconductors 228  (188)
Anisimov S. I., Velikovich A. L., Koval'skii N. G., Liberman M. A., Pergament M. I., Production of high-velocity compressional jets by pulsed systems 231  (191)
Afanas'ev M. M., Venus G. B., Gromov O. G., Kompan M. E., Kuz'min A. P., Ion screening and radiative recombination of localized carriers in the low-temperature phase of the ionic conductor RbCu4CI3l2 235  (194)
Kagan Yu., Shlyapnikov G. V., Glukhov N. A., The basic role of open systems in attaining Bose condensation in spin-polarized atomic hydrogen gas 238  (197)
Kel'ner S. R., Kotov Yu. D., Emission of fast electrons due to Coulomb scattering in a magnetized plasma 243  (200)
Aleksandrov M. L., Gall' L. N., Krasnov N. V., Kusner Yu. S., Nikolaev V. I., Formation of the distribution of cluster ions in a molecular beam 246  (203)
Kamenskii V. G., Rozhkov S. S., A new mechanism for the formation of solitons in a nematic liquid crystal 250  (206)
Gor'kov L. P., Kalugin P. A., Defects and an unusual superconductivity 253  (208)
Antonov A. V., Gerasimov V. I., Isakov A. I., Kuznetsov S. P., Meshkov I. V., Perekrestenko A. D., Tarasov S. G., Interaction of very cold neutrons with a polystyrene-polybutadiene-polystyrene block copolymer 256  (210)
Shaburov V. A., Smirnov Yu. P., Sovestnov A. E., Tyunis A. V., Bunching of cerium valence in mixed-valence compounds 259  (213)
Korshunov S. E., Possible splitting of a phase transition in a 2D XY model 263  (216)
Rubakov V. A., Electroweak nonconservation of the baryon number in the decay of heavy particles 266  (218)
Ansel'm A. A., Zhukovskaya T. A., Ural'tsev N. G., Chkareuli Dzh. L., CP violation in the Kobayashi-Maskawa model with four generations 269  (221)
Krasulin A. B., Matveev V. A., Chetyrkin K. G., Electromagnetic form factors of pseudoscalar mesons at low momentum transfer in quantum chromodynamics 272  (223)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.