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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Al'perovich V. L., Belinicher V. I., Braslavets A. V., Efanov A. V., Moshchenko S. P., Terekhov A. S., Entin M. V., Polarization-dependent ballistic photovoltaic effect in a metal-semiconductor structure 507  (413)
Efremova R. I., Matizen E. V., Mutual diffusion in 3He-4He solutions near the critical vaporization line 510  (416)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Merzlikin S. K., Pilipetskii N. F., Sukhov A. V., Observation of stimulated forward orientational light scattering in a planar nematic liquid crystal 514  (418)
Aliev F. G., Brandt N. B., Moshchalkov V. V., Zalyalyutdinov M. K., Lutsiv R. V., Yasnitskii R. I., Chudinov S. M., Anisotropy of the critical field in CeCu2Si2 518  (421)
Gorin Yu. F., Babushkin A. N., Kobelev L. Ya., Savel'kaev A- S., Ferroelastic properties of proustite at low temperatures 521  (424)
Danishevskii A. M., Perlin E. Yu., Photoinduced dyrotropy due to spin-density fluctuations of the free electrons in semiconductors 524  (426)
Abutalybov G. I., Salaev E. Yu., Excitons deep in the intrinsic absorption region of TlGaSe2 single crystals 528  (430)
Benemanskaya G. V., Lapushkin M. N., Polarization dependence of the electron photoemission from the W(110)-Ba system at submonolayer coverages 531  (432)
Gershenzon M. E., Gubankov V. N., Falei M. I., Effect of electron-electron interaction on state density in 2D aluminum films 534  (435)
Popov V. S., Vainberg V. M., Mur V. D., Diverging perturbation-theory series and classical mechanics 539  (439)
Kazakov V. A., Kozhamkulov T. A., Migdal A. A., Phase transition with an infinite number of order parameters in the U() lattice gauge theory 543  (442)
Berezin V. A., Kuz'min V. A., Tkachev I.I., Random inflation and global geometry of the universe 547  (446)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.