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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Popov A. F., Nonlinear effect of an alternating magnetic field on the dynamics of a domain wall in a ferromagnet 595  (489)
Alekseev P. A., Lazukov V. N., Sadikov I. P., Sergeeva I. A., Khlopkin M. N., Chistyakov O. D., Effect of a transition to a mixed-valence state on the specific heat of the compound Ce(Cu1-xNix)5 598  (492)
Bocharov V. N., Zavadskii N. A., Kiselev A. V., Konstantinov S. G., Kudryavtsev A. M., Myskin O. K., Panasyuk V. M., Tsel'nik F. A., MHD-stable confinement of a rotating plasma 601  (494)
Semenchinskii S. G., Quantum oscillations of the width of the Landau levels in a two-dimensional electronic layer 605  (497)
Shpenik O. B., Romanyuk N. I., Chernysheva I. V., Resonant structure in 180 elastic scattering of electrons by N2 and N2O molecules 609  (500)
Petukhov A. G., Radchik A. V., Foigel' M. G., Photoinduced structural change in the defects in a hydrogenated amorphous silicon 612  (502)
Aktsipetrov O. A., Baranova I. M., Elovikov S. S., Elyutin P. V., Esikov D. A., Nikulin A. A., Fominykh N. N., Giant second harmonic and size effect in ultrasmall metal particles 615  (505)
Efetov K. B., Absence of a renormalization group in localization theory 619  (508)
Men'shikov L. I., Ponomarev L. I., Dependence of the sticking of muons to helium in the muon-catalysis reactions dtμ → μ 4-He+n and ddμ → μ 3He+n on the density of the mixture D2+ T2 623  (511)
Kreingol'd F. I., Lider K. F., Population inversion in sublevels of n = 1 excitons of the Cu2O yellow series in a magnetic field 627  (514)
Goncharov V. A., Osip'yan Yu. A., Shmyt'ko I. M., Electron-beam-induced cyclic structural changes in twinned crystals 630  (516)
Bogachek E. N., Kulik I. O., Omel'yanchuk A. N., Shkorbatov A. G., Drag-related thermo-emf in metallic systems containing a point contact 633  (519)
Prozorova L. A., Marchenko V. I., Krasnyak Yu. V., Magnetic resonance in the noncollinear antiferromagnet Mn3AI2Ge3O12 637  (522)
Korshunov S. E., Antiferromagnetic XY model on a triangular lattice: ordered states in a magnetic field 641  (525)
Golubentsev A. A., Direct calculation of the conductivity of films with magnetic impurities 644  (527)
Al'tshuler B. L., Fluctuations in the extrinsic conductivity of disordered conductors 648  (530)
Askar'yan G. A., Decay of a high-energy pion beam in a medium: Formation of a decay channel 651  (533)
Aref'eva I. Ya., Volovich I. V., Kaluza-Klein theories and the space-time signature 654  (535)
Barts B. I., Inopin E. V., Shlyakhov N. A., Possible existence in transition nuclei of long-lived high-lying states with a nonzero spin: Dynamic nonaxial isomers 657  (537)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.