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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Baglikov V. B., Kornetov V. N., Ognev A. N., Popov B. N., Photovoltaic effect in thin Bi12GeO20 films 1  (3)
Kobelev Yu. A., Ostrovskii L. A., Collective self-effect of sound in a liquid with gas bubbles 4  (5)
Volodin A. P., Edel'man V. S., Stabilization of a charged liquid-helium surface 7  (8)
Anisimov M. A., Nature of nematic-smectic-A phase transition in liquid crystals 11  (11)
D'yakov Yu. E., Dephasing in steady-state and time-varying spectroscopy 15  (14)
Golubev V. I., Makeev N. G., Pashchenko E. S., Rubtsov N. V.,Spirin A. A., Surskii O. K., Tsukerman V. A., Cheremukhin G. N., Spectrum of DT neutrons from a plasma focus 20  (18)
Afrosimov V. V., Basalaev A. A., Donets E. D., Zinov'ev A. N., Lozhkin K. O., Panov M. N., Electron capture cross sections of nuclei and multiply charged ions at hydrogen atoms 24  (21)
Kostryukova M. O., Specific heat of FexCo1-xCl2 compounds at low temperatures 28  (24)
Meierovich A. E., Phase diagram of spin polarized 3He-4He solutions 32  (28)
Smolenskii G. A., Sotnikov A. V., Syrnikov P. P., Yushin N. K., Existence of a ferroelectric phase in the KTaO3:Li crystal 35  (30)
Skritskii V. L., Samulenis V. I., Tel'nova G. B., Anomalous electric-field-induced damping of ultrasound in superionic crystals 39  (33)
Bar'yakhtar V. G., Ivanov B. A., Kim P. D., Sukstanskii A. L., Khvan D. Ch., Nonlinear oscillatory motion of a domain wall in a weak ferromagnet 41  (35)
Anufriev Yu. D., Lopatik V. N., Sebedash A. P., Crystallization curves for weak 3He-4He solutions at low temperatures 45  (38)
Barsov S. G., Getalov A. L., Gordeev V. A., Evseev V. A., Konopleva R. F., Kruglov S. P., Kudinov V. I., Kuz'min L. A., Mikirtych'yants S. M., Minaichev E. V., Myasishcheva G. G., Obukhov Yu. V., Savel'ev G. I., Firsov V. G., Shcherbakov G. V., Effect of radiation-induced lattice defects in silicon single crystals on the characteristic states of an intersticial muonium atom 48  (40)
Kichatinov L. L., New mechanism for acceleration of cosmic particles in the presence of reflectively noninvariant turbulence 51  (43)
Manakov S. V., Shchur L. N., Stochastic aspect of two-particle scattering 54  (45)
Svetovoi V. B., Intermediate symmetry in the SO(10) model and the masses of heavy quarks 58  (49)
Pokotilovskii Yu. N., Possible experiments to search for axions 60  (51)
L'vov A. I., Petrun'kin V. A., Quark-sea component of the electric polarizability of hadrons 63  (53)
Starobinskii A. A., Isotropization of arbitrary cosmological expansion given an effective cosmological constant 66  (55)
Voloshin M. B., Possible four-quark isovector resonance in the family of γ particles 69  (58)
Gorshkov B. L., Il'in A. I., Sokolovskii B. Yu., Solyakin G. E., Chestnov Yu. A., "Explosion" of nuclei induced by 1-GeV protons in 238U, 232Th, and 197Au targets 72  (60)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.