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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Chernyshov A. A., Sukhoparov V. A., Sadykov R. A., Effect of pressure on the phase transitions in Li and Na 405  (345)
Al'tshuler B. L., Aronov A. G., Scaling theory of Anderson's transition for interacting electrons 410  (349)
Anisimov M. A., Gorodetskii E. F., Podnek V. E., Effect of smectic fluctuations on pretransitional phenomena in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal 414  (352)
Ostrovskii B. I., Sorkin E. L., Strukov B. A., Shlenskii A. L., Critical behavior of specific heat in a smectic-nematic phase transition in the liquid crystal octylcyanobiphenyl (8 CB) 419  (355)
Basov N. G., Kalashnikov M. P., Mikhailov Yu. A., Osipov M. V., Rupasov A. A., Sklizkov G. V., Fedotov S. I., Shikanov A. S., Second-harmonic generation and measurement of the compression velocity of high-aspect-ratio shell targets 423  (359)
Krinchik G. S., Chepurova E. E., Shtain A. V., Surface magnetic susceptibility and relaxation of domain walls in yttrium orthoferrite 427  (362)
Apatin V. M., Krivtsun V. M., Kuritsyn Yu. A., Makarov G. N., Diode laser spectroscopy of SF6 molecules, cooled in a pulsed jet, with IR multiphoton excitation 431  (365)
Zabrodskii A. G., Zinov'eva K. N., Critical behavior of n-Ge parameters in the region of compensation-induced Anderson transition 436  (369)
Maslov A. Yu., Suslina L. G., Areshkin A. G., Melekhin V. G., Fedorov D. L., Effect of one-dimensional disorder on the exciton states in semiconductor solid solutions 440  (372)
Abramov V. A., Gontis V. G., Lisitsa V. S., Role of fast ions in the emission from a hot plasma 444  (375)
Gor'kov L. P., Dorokhov O. N., Prigara F. V., On the ac conductivity of slightly disordered one-dimensional conductors 447  (377)
Demirkhanov R. A., Kirov A. G., Ruchko L. F., Sukachev A. V., Removal of impurity ions from a plasma during Alfven-wave absorption 451  (381)
Govorkov S. A., Tulin V. A., echo in a system with dynamic frequency shift (antiferromagnetic MnCO3) 454  (383)
Anisimova Yu. V., Dmitriev A. S., Zalogin N. N., Kalinin V. I., Kislov V. Ya., Panas A. I., A mechanism for the transition to chaos in the system of an electron beam and an electromagnetic wave 458  (387)
Permogorov S. A., Reznitskii A. N., Verbin S. Yu., Lysenko V. G., Spectral manifestation of the exciton mobility boundary in CdS1-xSex 462  (390)
Belov K. P., Goryaga A. N., Pronin V. N., Skipetrova L. A., On the nature of the anomalous negative magnetoresistance and para-process in magnetite and manganese ferrite at low temperatures 465  (392)
Bun'kov Yu. M., Kruzius M., Hakonen P. J., Texture of superfluid 3He-0 rotating in an inclined magnetic field 468  (395)
Gerdt V. P., Mitryushkin V. K., Phase transitions in the Euclidean and Hamiltonian approaches to lattice gauge theories at a finite temperature 474  (400)
Arbuzov B. A., A way to observe free quarks 479  (403)
Bukhvostov A. P., Kuraev E. A., Lipatov L. N., Deep inelastic electron scattering by a polarized target in quantum chromodynamics 482  (406)
Vesna V. A. , Kolomenskii E. A., Okunev I. S., Pirozhkov A. N., Smotritskii L. M., Shul'gina E. V., Kornyushkin A. F., Titov N. A., Solov'ev S. M., Lobashev V. M., P-parity nonconservation in the total cross section for the interaction of thermal neutrons with 233U 487  (410)
Kudryavtsev A. E., Mur V. D., Popov V. S., Possible bound state of a K- meson with a 4He nucleus 489  (412)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.