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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bar'yakhtar V. G., L'vov V. A., Yablonskii D. A., Inhomogeneous magnetoelectric effect 673  (565)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Merzlikin S. K., Pilipetskii N. F., Sukhov A. V., Tabiryan N. V., Photoinduced Freedericksz transition in an oblique ordinary wave 676  (568)
Vul B. M., Zavaritskaya E. I., Two-dimensional conductivity of the intergrowth surface of germanium bicrystals at ultralow temperatures 681  (571)
Pastur L. A., Figotin A. L., Localization in an incommensurate potential: exactly solvable multidimensional model 686  (575)
Vidmont N. A., Maksimov A. A., Tartakovskii I.I., Measurement of the group velocity of polaritons in anthracene crystal 689  (578)
Vigman P. B., Ogievetskii, Tsvelik A. M., Exact solution of the degenerate Anderson model 692  (580)
Murzin S. S., Dolgopolov V. T., Quantum oscillations of the conductivity near the surface of bismuth 696  (584)
Kotyuzhanskii B. Ya., Prozorova L. A., Svistov L. E., Radiation of electromagnetic waves by magnons 700  (586)
Filev V. M., Temperature-induced inversion of rotation of the polarization plane of light in liquid crystals 703  (589)
Aktsipetrov O. A., Mishina E. D., Petukhov A. V., Electric-field-induced reflection in silver accompanying generation of the giant second harmonic 707  (592)
Kats E. I., Lebedev V. V., Dynamics of smectic liquid crystals 709  (594)
Murav'ev A. A., Rubinov A. N., Excitation of an intense picosecond continuum in a medium lacking an inversion center 713  (597)
Borovik-Romanov A. S., Bun'kov Yu. M., Dmitriev V. V., Mukharskii Yu. M., Threshold effects in pulsed NMR in superf luid 3He-B 716  (600)
Sazdovich B. T., Tarasov O. V., Mass renormalization in Yang-Mills supersymmetry theories 719  (602)
Linde A. D., Supergravitation and the inflationary universe 724  (606)
Safronov A. N., Model-independent parameters of P-wave resonances in scattering 727  (608)
Belyaev V. M., Kogan Ya. I., Quantum-chromodynamics calculation of gA 730  (611)
Kurdadze L. M., Lei'chuk M. Yu., Pakhtusova E. V., Sidorov V. A., Skrinskii A. N., Chilingarov A. G., Shatunov Yu. M., Shvarts B. A., Edel'man S. I., Measurement of the pion form factor at 640 \leq \sqrt{s}\leq 1400 MeV 733  (613)
Dremin I. M., Leonidov A. V., Equations of motion of variable-mass particles and quark confinement 738  (617)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.