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VOLUME 18 | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Gal'ner A.M. , Kirillov-Ugryumov V.G., Kurochkin A.V., Luchkov B.I., Yurkin Yu.T., Observation of gamma radiation of the source Cyg-3 in October, 1972 129  (217)
     Garber S.R. , Zisman A.N., Mukhortov Yu. P., Anomalous dependence of the thermal conductivity of cadmium selenide on the resistivity 131  (220)
     Anisimov M.A. , Voronov V.P., Malyshev V.M., Svadkovskii V.V. , Experimental verification of the dynamic scale theory of the critical point 133  (224)
     Donchenko V.A. , Zuev V.E. , Kabanov M.V. , Krasyuk I.K., Pal'yanov P.A., Pashinin P.P., Prokhorov A.M., Energy attenuation of ultrashort optical pulses by scattering media 137  (230)
     Kovalev N.F. , Petelin M.I. , Raizer M.D., Smorgonskii A.V. , Tsopp L.E., Generation of powerful electromagnetic radiation pulses by a beam of relativistic electrons 138  (232)
     Edel'man V.S. , Measurement of the shift of the bismuth Fermi level in strong magnetic fields 140  (236)
     Damaskin I.A. , Pyshkin S.I. , Radautsan S.I. , Tezlevan V.E., Anomalous shift of luminescence band in certain semiconductors 142  (239)
     Asnin V.M. , Lomasov Yu.N. , Rogachev A.A., Biexciton luminescence polarization in uniaxially deformed germanium 144  (242)
     Bir G.L. , Pikus G.E., Polarization of exciton and biexciton recombination in deformed germanium 146  (245)
     Demin A.I. , Kutryavtsev E.M. , Kulagin Yu.A., Sobolev N.N., Population inversion in nitrous oxide at high pressures and temperatures 149  (249)
     Mak A.A. , Ustyugov V.I. , Spontaneous single-frequency generation of a solid-state ring laser 151  (253)
     Osip'yan Yu.A. , Shevchenko S.A., Anisotropy of hole mobility in plastically deformed p-germanium 153  (256)
     Gridnev V.N., Dekhtyar I.Ya., Ivanov L.I., Karlov N.V., Kuz'min G.P., Nishchenko N.M., Prokhorov A.M., Rykalin N.N. , Yanushkevich V.A., Effect of Laser radiation on the temperature of the superconducting transition of an Nb-Sn alloy 154  (258)
     Grin' Yu.I. , Polyakov V.M., Testov V.G., Experimental study of gasdynamic amplification of N20-N2-He laser emission 155  (260)
     Dudkin G.N. , Eponeshnikov V.N., Krechetov Yu.F., Tryasuchev V.A., Determination of total η N interaction cross section in η-meson photoproduction from complex nuclei 157  (263)
     Bobrinev V.I. , Vasil'eva Z.G., Gulanyan E.Kh. , Mikaelyan A.L., Multiple rerecording and fixation of holograms in lithium niobate crystals doped with iron 159  (267)
     Brovman E.G. , Kagan Yu. , Kholas A., Pushkarev V.V. , Role of electron-electron interaction in the formation of a metastable state of metallic hydrogen 160  (269)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.