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VOLUME 23 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Levinson I.B., Maksimov I.L., Threshold phenomena in Raman scattering of light by polaritons 1  (3)
     Men'shikov A.Z., Kazantsev V.A., Kuz'min N.N., Amorphous magnetism in iron-nickel-manganese alloys 4  (6)
     Grebinnik V.G., Gurevich I.I., Zhukov V.A., Ivanter I.G., Manych A.P., Nikol'skii B.A., Selivanov V.I., Suetin V.A., Searches for muonium atoms in aluminum, copper, zinc, and carbon 8  (11)
     Revokatov O.P., Parfenov S.V., Thermodynamic similarity of the correlation times of rotational motion of molecules in a liquid 11  (14)
     Dumesh B.S., NMR in ferromagnetic Fe2MnO4 at millidegree temperatures 14  (17)
     Fleisher V.G., Dzhioev R.I., Zakharchenya B.P., Optical cooling of a nuclear spin system of a conductor in a weak oscillating magnetic field 18  (22)
     Ambartsumyan R.V., Gorokhov Yu.A., Letokhov V.S., Makarov G.N., Puretskii A.A., Explanation of the selective dissociation of the SF6 molecule in a strong IR laser field 22  (26)
     Pistunovich V.I., Platonov V.V., Ryutov V.D., Filimonova E.A., Optical investigations of turbulent electrostatic oscillations produced when a plasma stream interacts with a partially-ionized gas 26  (30)
     Fedorov V.V., Smirnov A.I., On the possibility of Cerenkov emission of γ quanta by electrons 29  (34)
     Voitsekhovskii B.V. ,Voitsekhovskii B.B., Glow in a stream of charged particles 32  (37)
     Zakharenkov Yu.A., Krokhin O.N., Pustovalov V.V., Silin V.P., Sklizkov G.V., Starodub A.N., Tikhonchuk V.T., Shikanov A.S., Nonlocal parametric turbulence of a laser plasma 35  (40)
     Startsev V.E., Dyakina V.P., Volkenshtein N.V., Magnetic-breakdown oscillations of resistance in ruthenium 38  (43)
     Okun' L.B., Khodzhamiryan A.Yu., The expected properties of the η'c mesons 41  (46)
     Achasov N.N., Budnev N.M., Kozhevnikov A.A., Shestakov G.N., The possibility of observing the ω'(1250) meson in the reaction e+e- → 3π 43  (49)
     Zaretski' D.F., Lyul'ka V.A., Resonance effects in mesic atoms 45  (52)
     Struminskii B.V., Structure of weak hadronic currents in the model with a triplet of charmed quarks 48  (55)
     Garsevanishvili V.R., Concerning the form factors of composite systems 51  (58)
     Karmanov V.A., Wave functions of relativistic nucleons in nuclei 54  (62)
     Ogievetskii V.I., Sokachev E., Spinor gauge superfield 58  (66)
     Frankfurt L.L., Khoze V.A., Production of new heavy particles in e+e- annihilation into hadrons 61  (69)
     Linde A.D., Dynamic reconstruction of symmetry and limitations on the masses and coupling constants in the Higgs model 64  (73)
     Bogdanov L.N., Dal'karov O.D., Kerbikov B.O., Shapiro I.S., Is the "h meson" a quasinuclear resonance? 68  (76)
     Marushenko V.N., Mezentsev A.F., Petrunin A.A., Skornyakov S.G., Smirnov A.I., New measurement of the π- -meson mass 72  (80)
     Voronov V.V., Solov'ev V.G., Irregularity in the behavior of the radiative force function in 238U 75  (84)
     Dudkin G.N., Eponeshnikov V.N., Krechetov Yu.F., Photoproduction of η mesons on nuclei in the region of the S11 (1535) 77  (86)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.