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VOLUME 25 | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Bashkin E.P. , Spin waves in a degenerate solution of He3 in superfluid He4 1  (3)
     Vainrub A.M., Vlasova R.M., Semkin V.N. , Manifestation of mixed vibronic states in the far infrared spectra of TEA(TCNQ)2 and their contribution to the dielectric constant 4  (7)
     Zakharov V.E. , L'vov V.S., Rubenchik A.M. , Effect of modulation instability on the relaxation of a relativistic electron beam in a plasma 8  (11)
     Osipov B.D. , Magnetic hyperfine structure of the quadrupole spectrum of the CH3I molecule 11  (14)
     Lozovik Yu.E., Yudson V.I., Interband transitions and the possibility of current states in systems with electron-hole pairing 14  (18)
     Kochelap V.A. , Sokolov V.N., Periodic structures in phase transitions of electron-phonon systems by a deformation interaction in a magnetic field 18  (22)
     Volovik G.E., Kopnin N.B., Rotating 3He-A 22  (26)
     Zel'dovich Ya.B. , Neutron collisions in a thermonuclear plasma 25  (29)
     Tsoi V.S., Razgonov I.I. , Specular reflection of conduction electrons from the crystal surface in tungsten or copper 26  (30)
     Papp W.-F.Z. , Shevera V.S., Zapesochnyi I.P., Investigation of double ionization of inert-gas atoms by simultaneous knockout of s and p electrons by the bombarding electron beam 29  (33)
     Burakhovich I.A. , Krupskii I.N. , Prokhvatilov A.I. , Freiman Yu.A. , Erenburg A.I., Elementary-excitation spectrum and phase transitions of solid oxygen 32  (37)
     Zel'dovich B.Ya., Mel'nikov N.A., Pilipetskii N.F. , Ragul'skii V.V., Observation of wave-front inversion in stimulated Raman scattering of light 36  (41)
     Gantmakher V.F., Zverev V.N., Heating of electron subsystem by the Dember field in ambipolar diffusion in germanium 39  (44)
     Dite A.F., Timofeev V.B. , Quantum oscillations of the intensity of induced radiation of an electron-hole liquid in CdS crystals 42  (47)
     Platonenko V.T. , Mechanism of collisionless dissociation of molecules in the strong field of an IR laser 46  (52)
     Kozlov A.N., Flerov V.N., Anomalies of low-temperature resistivity of metals 49  (54)
     Egorov V.S., Varyukhin S.V. , Temperature minimum of the resistivity of beryllium 52  (58)
     Zavaritskii N.V. , Observation of dragging of the electrons of tin by sound 55  (61)
     Ignatyuk A.V. , Itkis M.G. , Mul'giri S.I. , Okolovich V.N., Smirenkin G.N., Effective moments of inertia of maximally deformed nuclei 58  (65)
     Kartamyshev A.A. , Makar'in V.K. , Mukhin K.N. , Patarkin O.O., Sulkovskaya M.M., Sustarov A.F. , Determination of the π π scattering length in the effective-radius approximation 61  (68)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.