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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Malinovskii V. K., Novikov V. N., Sturman B. I., Mechanisms for the absolute negative photoconductivity of insulators 349  (285)
Berman I. V., Brandt N. B., Romashkina I. L., Sidorov V. I., Alekseev V. A., Anomalies of the superconducting properties of amorphous hydrogenated silicon at high pressures 353  (288)
Bagdasarov A. A., Berezovskii E. L., Efremov S. L., Zaveryaev V. S., Medvedev A. A., Behavior of the ion temperature during electron cyclotron heating in theT-10 tokamak 355  (290)
Trubnikov B. A., Zhdanov S. K., Breakoff at constrictions in a current-carrying plasma pinch 358  (292)
Adishchev Yu. N., Baryshevskii V. G., Vorob'ev S. A., Danilov V. A., Pak S. D., Potylitsyn A. P., Safronov P. F., Feranchuk I. D., Cherepitsa S. V., Experimental observation of parametric x-ray emission 361  (295)
Vartanyan T.A., Oscillations in nonlinear transmission of a rarefied resonant gas - a manifestation of optical nutation under steady-state conditions 364  (297)
Bar'yakhtar V. G., Bogdanov A. N., Popov V. A., Yablonskii D. A., Theory of the antiferromagnetic resonance in an intermediate state 367  (299)
Kulik I. O., Frequency dispersion caused in the conductivity of metal microcontacts by nonequilibrium-phonon relaxation 370  (302)
Yanson I. K., Balkashin O. P., Pilipenko Yu. A., Nonequilibrium-phonon relaxation in metal microcontacts 373  (304)
Zakharchenya B. P., Mirlin D. N., Polyakov D. G., Sapega V. F., Polarization of thermal luminescence of uniaxially deformed GaAs crystals 376  (306)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.