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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vasil'ev S. I., Kalmykova L. A., Merkulov I. A., Numerical simulation of a phase transition in the nuclear spin system of gallium arsenide with adiabatic demagnetization 77  (65)
Aleksandrov V. V., Anisimov S. I., Koval'skii N. G., Rubenchik A. M., Shur L. N., Local temperature of a plasma corona 81  (68)
Vekshtein G. E., Fast annihilation of oppositely directed magnetic fields in a plasma 84  (70)
Pozhidaev E. P., Beresnev L. A., Blinov L. M., Pikin S. A., New contribution to spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals 88  (73)
Kononovich P. A., Laukhin V. N., Pesotskii S. I., Shchegolev I. F., Khomenko A. G., Effect of defects on phase transitions in tetraselenotetracene chloride, (TSeT)2CI 92  (77)
Gol'tyaev O. M., Osadchiev V. M., Pozdnyakov S. G., Localized positron state in a simple metal 96  (79)
Sonin E. B., Low-frequency oscillations of vortices in rotating He II 100  (82)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Kuz'michev S. D., Generation of second harmonic of light in crystals with resonant impurities 103  (85)
Vul B. M., Zavaritskaya E. I., Zavaritskii V. N., Electrical conductivity of a low-temperature two-dimensional medium 105  (87)
Zverev V. N. , Magnetic-impurity oscillations in gallium arsenide 109  (89)
Bagratashvili V. N., Kuz'min M. V., Letokhov V. S., Shibanov A N., Observation of proton and electron detachment from an anthracene molecule during pronounced IR many-photon superexcitation 112  (92)
Smolyakov B. P., Khatmovich E. P., Resonant free-induction signals in metals in high vacuum 116  (95)
Belotelov S. V., Gergel' V. A., Solyakov A. N., Suris R. A., Conductivity of inversion layers in InSb MIS structures below the "mobility threshold" 119  (97)
Kraus L., Anisimov A. N., Gurevich A. G., Atlasman A. V., Parametric spin-wave excitation in amorphous ferromagnetic wires 123  (100)
Volovik G. E., Mineev V. P., Orbital angular momentum in B phase of 3He and its effect on the texture in a rotating vessel 127  (103)
Kusmartsev F.V., Rashba E. I., Anisotropy of optimum fluctuations in crystals with a degenerate spectrum 130  (106)
Basov N. G., Galichii A. A., Danilov A. E., Isakov A. I., Kalashnikov M. P., Merkul'ev Yu. A., Mikhailov Yu. A., Rode A. V., Sklizkov G. V., Fedotov S. N., Observation of compression of high-aspect-ratio shell targets in the DEL'FIN-1 laser-fusion device 134  (109)
Troshin S. M., Tyurin N. E., Growth of total cross sections and the quark structure of hadrons 139  (113)
Slad' L. M., Interaction of solar neutrinos with the cosmic background 142  (115)
Kerbikov B. O., Anomalous Coulomb correction to the scattering length in connection with the shift of the ground level of the K-p atom 146  (118)
Afonin A. I., Bogatov S. A., Borovoi A. A., Vershinskii A. G., Gavrilov S. L., Ketov S. N., Klimov Yu. V., Kopeikin V. I., Levina L. A., Mikaelyan L. A., Ozerov K. V., Sinev V. V., Kheruvimov A. N., Neutrino experiment involving inverse beta decay at a nuclear reactor 150  (122)
Zinchik Yu. S., Kozyrev S. V., Polyanskaya T. A., Erratum: Negative magnetoresistance in a two-dimensional electron gas [JETP Lett. 33, No. 5,262-266 (5 March 1981)] 153  (126)
Polyanskaya T. A., Saidashev I.I., Erratum: Negative magnetoresistance in n-type germanium and its analysis based on quantum theory of this effect [JETP Lett. 34, No. 6, 361-364 (20 September 1981)] 154  (126)
Emel'yanenko O. V., Lagunova T. S., Polyanskaya T. A., Erratum: Mechanism of phase relaxation of the electron wave function in n-type GaAs [JETP Lett. 36, No. 6, 246-249 (20 September 1982)] 154  (126)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.