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VOLUME 33 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Al'perovich V. L., Belinicher V. I., Novikov V. N., Terekhov A. S., Photon drag of electrons and holes in interband transitions in semiconductors and the resonant-recoil effect 557  (573)
     Gromov S. N., Pasechnik L. L., Taranov V. B., Electron distribution function under strong, lower-hybrid turbulence conditions 561  (577)
     Ashmontas S. P., Pezhela Yu. K., Subachyus L. E., Heating and cooling of electron gas in electric fields in a compensated indium antimonide 564  (580)
     Geguzin I.I., Spin polarization of high-symmetry clusters of simple metals in the ground state 568  (584)
     Kvon Z. D., Kol'tsov B. B., Neizvestnyi I. G., Ovsyuk V. N., Two-dimensional hole gas in a one-dimensional superlattice 571  (587)
     Gershenzon E. M., Gol'tsman G. N., Multanovskii V. V., Ptitsina N. G., Cross section for binding of free carriers into excitons in germanium 574  (590)
     Brandt N. B., Demishev S. V., Moshchalkov V. V., Chudinov S. M., Study of hopping conductivity in GaSbC<Te> 578  (593)
     Belov K. P., Vasil'kovskii V. A., Kovtun N. M., Kupriyanov A. K., Nikitin S. A., Ostrovskii V. F., Magnetic moment of iron in Laves phases 581  (597)
     Zinov'ev N. N., Parmanbekov U., Yaroshetskii I. D., Exciton drag in CdS crystals during intense photoexcitation 584  (601)
     Avilov V. V., Iordanskii S. V., Calculation of exchange integrals in solid 3He 588  (605)
     Valov V. A., Kozlov V. A., Mazov L. S., Nefedov I. M., Detection of overpopulation of the subband of light holes in p-Ge in strong crossed E and H fields 591  (608)
     Zamolodchikov Al. B., Kopeliovich B. Z., Lapidus L. I., Color dynamics in hadron diffraction by nuclei 595  (612)
     Velichko G. N., Vorob'ev A. A., Dobrovol'skii A. V., Zalite Yu. K., Korolev G. A., Maev E. M., Terent'ev N. K., Ter'en I., Khanzadeev A. V., Measurement of the slope parameter of the diffraction cone of elastic pp scattering in the energy region 650-1000 MeV 598  (615)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.