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VOLUME 27 | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Volovik G.E., Nonvortical phase slippage and oscillations of the vector I in He3-A 573  (605)
     Devyatkova L.I., Lozovskii P.M., Mikhailin V.V., Uvarova T.V., Chernov S.P., Shepelev A.V., Essel'bakh P.B., Vacuum ultraviolet luminescence of LaF3 single crystals 576  (609)
     Makarov V.I., Singularities of the energy "gap" of a superconductor 579  (612)
     Volkov B.A., Kopaev Yu.V., Tugushev V.V., Curie law in diamagnetic susceptibility 582  (615)
     Pilipetskii M.F., Popovichev V.I., Ragul'skii V.V., Concentration of light by inverting its wavefront 585  (619)
     Lundin A.G., Moskvich Yu.N., Sukhovskii A.A., Determination of the chemical shift tensor of 77Se in a selenious-acid crystal 589  (623)
     Filev V.M., Optical method of determining the critical exponents of the phase transition from an isotropic liquid to a nematic crystal 591  (625)
     Pan V.M., Bulakh I.E., Kasatkin A.L., Shevchenko A.D., Dielectric phase transition in the superconducting compounds HfV2 and ZrV2 (C15) 594  (629)
     Akatov L.L., Gantsevich S.V., Katilyus R., Rysakov V.M., Collision-controlled scattering of light by free electrons in semiconductors and the influence exerted on it by an electric field 598  (633)
     Zhukova N.I., Kazantsev A.P., Cooling and heating of atoms colliding in an optical field 601  (636)
     Ivchenko E.L., Pikus G.E., New photogalvanic effect in gyrotropic crystals 604  (640)
     Krivnov V.Ya., Ovchinn'kov A.A., New method in the theory of a weakly non-ideal one-dimensional Fermi gas 608  (644)
     Teitel'baum G.B., Metastable states near a tricritical point 613  (649)
     Korotkikh V.L., Musatov A.L., Shadrin V.D., Influence of size-effect quantization of energy levels in semiconductors on the photoelectron emission 616  (652)
     Arakelyan V.S., Avetisyan A.G., Mirzabekyan E.G., Shaverdyan F.M., Observation of the "freezing" of an ultrasonic wave 619  (656)
     lordanskii S.V., Pitaevskii L.P., Properties of the endpoint of a multiphonon spectrum 621  (658)
     Belovitskii G.E., Batusov Yu.A., Sukhov L.V., Emission of conversion muons in radiative fission of uranium nuclei by muons 625  (662)
     Kuz'min V.A., Shaposhnikov M.E., Condensation of photons in the hot universe and longitudinal relict radiation 628  (665)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.