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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Isichenko M. B., Yan'kov V. V. , Generation of higher harmonics of an intense laser beam in a plasma 351  (297)
Aliev F. G., Brandt N. B., Moshchalkov V. V., Sluchanko N. E., Chudinov S. M.,Yasnitskii R. L. , Resonance near the Fermi energy in a Kondo lattice 353  (299)
Kumekov S. E., Perel' V. I., Absorption of picosecond light pulses in semiconductors 358  (302)
Demikhov E. I., Dolganov V. K., Filev V. M., Pretransitional anomalies in the rotation of the plane of polarization of light in ferroelectric liquid crystals 361  (305)
Burakov V. S., Moshkalev S. A., Naumenkov P. A., Razdobarin G. T., Semenov V. V., Talybov V. M., Tarasenko N. V., Resonant-fluorescence plasma diagnostics near the chamber wall in the TUMAN-3 tokamak 365  (308)
Artemenko S. N., Volkov A. F., Tunneling between conductors with a charge-density wave 368  (310)
Poluektov I. A., Sobel'man I.I., Generation of short laser pulses during coherent amplif ication 371  (313)
Bazdenkov S. V., Pogutse O. P., Supersonic stabilization of a tangential shear in a thin atmosphere 375  (317)
Antipov S.V., Nezlin M. V., Rodionov V. K., Snezhkin E. N., Trubnikov A. S., Stabilization of tangential shear instability in shallow water with "supersonic" fluid flow 378  (319)
Larkin A. L., Ovchinnikov Yu. N., Quantum tunneling with dissipation 382  (322)
Romanov N. G., Vetrov V. A., Baranov P. G., Optical detection of EPR of self-trapped excitons using photostimulated luminescence of crystals 386  (325)
Volenko V. V., Ivanov A. F., Myalitsin L. A., Osadchuk L. A., Saukov A. l., X-ray images and collapse time of gas-filled glass microspheres with an aspect ratio of 100-200 at a specitic energy deposition 0.2Jlngll 389  (328)
Zvezdin A. K., Koptsik S. V., Krinchik G. S., Levitin R. Z., Lyskov V. A., Popov A. I., Anomalous field dependence of the Faraday effect in paramagnetic Gd3Ga5O12 at4.2K, 393  (331)
Voitenko V. A., Ipatova I. P., Subashiev A. V., Light scattering by free holes in semiconductors with a complex valence band 396  (334)
Marushchak V. A., Stepanova M. N., Titkov A. N., Suppression by a longitudinal magnetic fieid of spin relaxation of conduction electrons- in semiconductor crystals lacking an inversion center 400  (337)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.