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Поля, частицы, ядра
     Volkov M.K., Pivovarov A.A., The decays \boldsymbol{\tau \rightarrow (\eta,\eta')K^{-}\nu_{\tau}} in the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model 697  (613)
     Swarnapratim Bhattacharyya, Haiduc M., Neagu A.T., Firu E., Energy dependence of event-by-event kaon fluctuation in Au + Au collisions at \boldsymbol{\sqrt{s_{NN}}=19.6{-}200} GeV - a simulated study 702  (618)
Астрофизика и космология
     Blas D., Ivanov M.M., Sawicki I., Sibiryakov S., On constraining the speed of gravitational waves following GW150914 708  (624)
     Klinkhamer F.R., Volovik G.E., Brane realization of q-theory and the cosmological constant problem 711  (627)
Конденсированное состояние
     Hua L., Zhu J.N., Lu Z.T., The ferromagnetic origin of Na and Mn co-doped CaZn2As2 diluted magnetic semiconductor: a first-principles study 715  (631)
     Alekseev P.A., Mignot J.-M., Savchenkov P.S., Lazukov V.N., First evidence for a Sm 3+-type contribution to the magnetic form factor in the quasielastic spectral response of intermediate valence SmB6 720  (636)
     Dmitriev V.V., Soldatov A.A., Yudin A.N., Interaction of two magnetic resonance modes in polar phase of superfluid 3He 727  (643)
     Gao J., Guo W., L'vov V.S., Pomyalov A., Skrbek L., Varga E., Vinen W.F., The decay of counterflow turbulence in superfluid 4He 732  (648)
Методы теоретической физики
     Aseeva N.V., Gromov E.M., Onosova I.V., Tyutin V.V., Solitons in a third-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation with the pseudo-Raman scattering and spatially decreasing second-order dispersion 737  (653)
     Novoselov D., Korotin Dm.M., Anisimov V.I., Spin state transition in active center of hemoglobin molecule: DFT + DMFT study 742  (658)