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VOLUME 48 (1988) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gerasimov A., Morozov A., Conformal blocks of minimal models 449  (409)
Gamalii E. G., Tikhonchuk V. T., Effect of intense ultrashort light pulses on a substance 453  (413)
Belenov E. M., Vasil'ev P. P., Suppression of phase relaxation in semiconductors; coherent emission of the active medium of a picosecond injection laser 456  (416)
Kinii N. P., Markov V. S., Frank A. G. , Flash of emission from multiply charged ions in a current sheet 459  (419)
Akopyan A. A. , Bolgov S. S., Malyutenko V. K., Savchenko A. P., New mechanism for current instability in narrow-gap semiconductors 464  (422)
Aleksandrov A. S., Traven' S. V. , Anomalously deep penetration of a magnetic field into metal-oxide superconductors 468  (426)
Avramenko N. V. , Zvarykina A. V., Laukhin V. N., Laukhina E. E., Lyubovskii R. B., Shibaeva R. P., Metal-semiconductor phase transition with a giant hysteresis in the organic metal (ET)2IBr2 472  (429)
Kataev V. E. , Kukovitskii E. F., Talanov Yu. I. , Teitel'baum G. B. , Coherence effects in the spin relaxation of lanthanum-strontium ceramics 476  (433)
Gubarev S. I. , Tyazhlov M. G. , Asymmetry of p-d exchange interaction in magnetically mixed Cd1-xMnxS crystals 481  (437)
Nagaev E. L. , Size oscillations in the shape and Fermi energy of nearly spherical metal particles 484  (441)
Tsurin V. A. , Sorkin A. M., Filippova N. P., Kozhevnikov V. L., Study of the properties of oxygen-deficient compounds YBa2Cu3-xFexO6+δ on the basis of the Mossbauer spectroscopy data 487  (444)
Aleksandrov I. V., Bykov A. B. , Zibrov I. P. , Makarenko I. N. , Mel'nikov O. K., Molchanov V. N., Muradyan L. A., Nikiforov D. V., Svistov L. E., Simonov V. I. , Chigishov S. M., Shapiro A. Ya., Stishov S. M. , New data on the dependence of the critical temperature on the oxygen concentration in the superconducting compound YBaCu3Ox 493  (449)
Goncharov A. F. , Denisov V. N., Zibrov I. P., Mavrin B. N. , Podobedov V. B. , Shapiro Y. Ya. , Stishov S. M., Superconductivity and Raman scattering of light in YBa2Cu3Ox single crystals 497  (453)
Volodin A. P. , Kotyuzhanskii B. Ya., Stepanyan G. A., Energy gap in YBa2Cu3O7-x single crystals with various oxygen concentrations 502  (457)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.